Raising Girls to be Leaders: This is Our Camp: Ann Kay Alexander

by May 4, 2016Raising Girls to be Leaders: This is Our Camp

Ann Kay Alexander is a sophomore at The University of Alabama studying Biology. She is originally from Mobile, AL. At Alabama, Ann Kay participates in the Honors College, Emerging Scholars Program, and Chemical Engineering Research with Dr. Margaret Liu. Ann Kay also participates in the Discovery Buddies Afterschool Mentoring and BamaCru, where she is part of the Multiply Leadership Team. She is a member of Chi Omega Fraternity and is a new member educator. Ann Kay has been coming to Riverview for 12 years, and as a member of our staff she has taught ropes course, cheerleading, and gymnastics. When asked the question: “What has Riverview done for you?” Ann Kay responded: “As a camper, Riverview taught me how to be independent. At camp I learned how to step outside of the comfort of my home life to practice a daily routine on my own, learned to make decisions for myself, and most importantly learned how to make new friends in a different environment. As my years as a camper continued, I benefited year-round from valuable friendships that I have carried with me since my first year at camp. I still hold many of these friendships close to me today. As an older camper, I learned valuable leadership skills and what it means to be accountable to a larger group through the opportunity of being a tribe leader. As a member of the Riverview Staff, I have learned a whole new level of responsibility. As a counselor living in cabins with teenage girls, I learned a lot about what it means to be a role model and the gravity of this role. In hindsight, I realize how large of an impact my counselors have had on me as a young woman and have tried to make this same impact on the girls I’ve had the privilege of working with. Being a Senior Counselor has taught me to live by example and that I am accountable for my actions and attitudes 24/7. As a member of Riverview’s Leadership Team this past summer, I was able to more fully grasp the vast impact Riverview has had not only on my life, but continuously on the lives of everyone it touches. It is impossible to come to Riverview and not feel the overwhelming presence of love. Whether you’ve been at camp one day or 15 years, girls of all ages find a home away from home in an environment equipped to nurture personal and spiritual growth. Above all else, Riverview has given me a stable foundation upon which to build my faith for the past 12 years. Riverview is where I first learned of a true relationship with Christ through both His presence on campus and His work through the lives of my counselors. Riverview is where I knew, no matter what happened throughout each year, I would find the same grounded faith I was able to build upon year after year. After maturing into my oldest years as a camper and transitioning onto staff, Riverview has given me the courage to live boldly for Jesus. I can say without a doubt I would not be the person I am today without the influences and relationships Riverview has placed in my life and my experiences there.”

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