Ropes Course at Riverview

Ropes Course

For Confidence, You Can Hang On To!

Project Adventure - You don’t want to miss the excitement of our ropes course! Riverview has one of the finest and largest ropes courses in this area of the country. Our thoroughly trained staff will guide you through a series of exciting elements that emphasizes participation, initiative, cooperation, teamwork, and trust.

You will learn the value of group support as well as develop a positive self-image. Of course you’ll wear a securely attached safety harness while you’re on the ropes course! Trust and Confidence is what it’s all about, and you’ll walk away with plenty of both!

Ropes Course at Riverview

Program Details

  • Both low ropes and high ropes for you to enjoy!
  • 450 foot Zip Line!
  • Two V-SwingsSwing-by-Choice element
  • Pamper PoleCat Walk…and more
  • Trained staff administrating ropes program

Ropes Course at Riverview

“I know that even if my foot slips, I’ll be just fine…. I’m harnessed, hooked up, and hanging securely on the cable above me!”

Ropes Course at Riverview
Ropes Course at Riverview

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Girls need summer camp!

Every day at Riverview girls enjoy days filled with numerous activities and sports with special events every evening…ending each day with singing around the campfire…won’t you join in?

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