Packing & Preparing

Packing & Preparing

Packing & Preparing

What should I pack for Camp?

The best place to start is by looking over our camp packing list.

Play Clothes

Send play clothes! Campers should bring t-shirts and shorts that are OK to get dirty, or activity-appropriate clothing such as jeans and boots for horseback riding (required), swim suits for swimming, etc.

Nice Outfit

A nice outfit for dance night might be important.

Tennis Shoes

Good tennis shoes are a must at camp. If your child does not know how to tie her shoes yet, the Velcro closures will accommodate her dressing quickly between activity times at camp!

Shower Caddie

A small plastic bucket will be helpful in keeping up with her shower items, shampoo, soap, etc..

Horseback Riding (optional)

For your child's safety, riding boots or hard-soled shoes with a definite heel ARE REQUIRED to prevent the foot from sliding too deeply into the stirrup and becoming dangerously wedged.  Thank you for not putting us in the position of having to refuse your child the pleasure of riding because of lack of proper foot attire.

Arts & Crafts (optional)

Bring a White T-shirt (100% cotton) for Tie Dyeing.   It’s ok to bring more than one if you want. A Riverview logo shirt works well for this too and are available for purchase in Chiki Boutiki.


All white Sundays - white camp t-shirt are fine with white shorts (not required for opening day).

Fun Things to Plan For

We have lots of fun things to do each day…that are above and beyond activities!

  • Mentone or Monogram Monday
  • Tie-Dye Tuesday - wear something Tie Dye! We have adorable camp Tie-Dye t-shirts in Chiki Boutiki that are perfect for this.
  • Wacky Hair Wednesday - Wear something fun in your hair! Mrs. Susan always wears a big flower!
  • Favorite Team Thursday.
  • Favorite Riverview Tee Friday.
  • Silly Sock Saturday

Flag Raising Ceremony

Navy shorts and a white shirt is required (camp t-shirts are fine).  Every cabin group will be assigned a day to be in charge of the ceremony.

Special Events by Session

Bring appropriate fun items OR buy them in Chiki Boutiki.

  • Session M: Beach Party Blow-out!
  • Session 1: Mardi-Gras! – purple, gold and green
  • Session 2: Riverview Olympics, and July 4th Celebration! -- red white and blue
  • Session 3: Christmas in July! – red and green
    •  A small gift for your “Secret Santa buddy”
  • Session 4: Miss Riverview Pageant!
    •  fun costume will be useful

Out of Camp Trips

Navy shorts and a white camp t-shirt are required. Riverview reserves the right to cancel any trip if there are not enough participants.

Nantahala or Ocoee Trips

Water shoes that will not come off easily!

Personal Equipment

Please discuss with the director to determine appropriateness and safe storage of musical instruments, sports equipment, etc. BEFORE bringing them to camp.


Always fun to use at camp!

What not to bring or send

Our purpose in having a "not to bring list" is to create a safe and wholesome environment that all children and staff can experience.  We want campers, staff and parents to know that Riverview is a camp community with guidelines and boundaries that offers security and safety.

Packing & Preparing for Riverview Camp - What not to bring!

A Quick Reminder

Labeling Clothes & Personal Items

All articles should be marked with name tape, stamp, laundry pen or permanent marker. Please make sure to label everything you send to camp. Please remember to mark socks individually, and all personal items such as hair brushes, tooth brushes, shampoo, tennis racquet covers, - EVERYTHING.


Please do not bring any valuables to camp! We cannot be responsible for lost things.


Food or gum in cabins will attract little critters, disrupt healthy appetites, and can be a divisive factor if not shared with cabin mates, not to mention pose a possible health risk for those with severe food allergies.  The camp store has a large variety of carefully chosen snacks and treats available for snack time. We are nut free all summer every session, therefore, we prefer that you NOT mail or bring food.


No electronics. Camp is a busy, fun, activity-filled, relational community that enhances your daughter’s life in ways far beyond “electronics”! Most campers will tell us that they “love” not having the “electronic stuff” while they are at camp.

What next ? Learn more about Preparing Your Daughter For Camp

Now more than ever

Girls need summer camp!

Every day at Riverview girls enjoy days filled with numerous activities and sports with special events every evening…ending each day with singing around the campfire…won’t you join in?

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