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Out-of-Camp Trips Options

Since "trip day" (Out-of-Camp Trips) is offered during the first week in our two-week programs, Sessions A,C, and E are the only 1-week sessions that may also choose to participate in trip day with sessions 1,2,3 and 4.  All three optional trips are on the same day so you may select only one. Fees cover the chartered bus, meals, entrance fees, etc. We will return $15 of the fee to your daughter for her to spend during the trip. You may also designate additional amounts you want her to have for the trip from her spending account.

Eligibility is determined by age and/or weight for the rafting trips. Please include trip fees payment with your May 1st camp payment and complete the online waiver so we can make appropriate transportation arrangements.

To avoid confusion or disappointment at camp, please make sure your camper clearly understands in advance whether or not she has permission to go on one of the optional trips.

Riverview reserves the right to cancel any trip if there are not enough participants.

Other Trips Out of Camp

Sometimes we schedule a local trip, depending on the weather (or programming needs), to the Desoto Falls or Mentone Brow Park or other areas of local interest. There is no fee for these 'Other' trips.

How do I purchase trips?


Trips may be purchased through Parent Login or at time of Registration.

Out-of-Camp Trips Riverview

Guided Floating on the Nantahala River



Out-of-Camp Trips Riverview

Guided White-Water Rafting



Out-of-Camp Trips Riverview

Dollywood Theme Park


  • $215* non-refundable after opening day (*price subject to change)
  • No waiver required
  • For all ages
  • Enjoy picnic upon arrival and dinner in the park before departure.
  • Counselor-camper buddy system is used with an overall ration of 1:6.
  • Counselors stay with their group at all times
  • Required waiver must be completed online.

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