Opening Day

On Opening Day, the check in time is 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. CENTRAL TIME

Early Arrivals

Early Arrival (before 8:30 a.m. Central Time) is not an option for 2024.

Late Arrivals

There is no reduction in fees for late arrivals. In case of leaving camp early due to illness, the camp will refund half of the un-expired camp fee. There is no refund for leaving camp early for any reason other than illness.

Opening Day - Step 1

 Step 1: Pay Balance

Camp fees and spending money, are due in full by May 1st, and must be paid in full no later than 1 week before arrival at camp.

Opening Day - Step 1

 Step 2: Camper Health Form and  Medication

Health History forms must be completed online no later than one week before arrival to camp.

Camper’s medications must be entered online on the Medication Form before arriving to camp.

During the Health Screening on opening day, all prescription and non-prescription medications must be in their original containers and turned in to our Nurse or Physician.  For everyone’s protection, neither staff members nor campers are allowed to keep medications in their trunks or their cabins.  ALL medications must be given to the Riverview health care medical staff and Medical Administration Forms must be completed with directions for administration.

Step 3: Check In

We will meet you as you arrive and give your directions on which way to go each step of the way.   Having all fees paid, spending accounts funded and forms completed in advance will expedite check-in, reduce the number of lines, and help to eliminate long lines.



Step 4: Health Check In

Each parent and/or camper must visit, briefly, with one of our Nurses or Physicians.  This is NOT a physical examination.  It is the time for you to give us any information we need to care for your daughter and will not take up much of your morning.  The required health check takes place upstairs in the gym BEFORE going to the cabin.  You may NOT go to the cabin until after the health discussion is completed. Cabin Assignments will be given after the Health Check In is completed.

Step 5: Gift Shop - The Boutiki

Visit The Boutiki to purchase the required Tribe Uniform, souvenirs, or items you may have forgotten to pack.

Step 6: Cabin

Only after you and your daughter have completed the health check in, will one of our staff give you your daughter’s cabin assignment. Then may you go to your cabin, where your cabin counselor will be waiting to welcome you. Pick out a bunk, unpack and start getting to know your counselors and cabin mates.

Please be brief as you check your daughter into her cabin.  Do not enter any other cabins unless you have more than one camper in different cabins.  We recommend talking with your camper about this process beforehand so she can be prepared for your limited time in her cabin and your quick, cheerful exit.   Be positive and express your confidence in her.  We are working very hard to make entry fun and exciting for the girls!

Step 7: Say Goodbye

Cheerfully, Not Tearfully!

Please leave your camper with her cabin group and thank you for not returning to her cabin once she is settled in.  Their “cabin meeting” will begin at 11 and she will be preparing for lunch.

Step 8: Drop off mail/gifts

Drop off any mail and or camper gifts AT THE OFFICE.

Step 9: Keep Us in Your Prayers

Step 10: Have a Safe Trip Home

We will see you on closing day!

What next ? Learn more about Opening Day - Health Check

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