Laundry is sent out once in a 2-week session and is limited to ONE laundry bag of approximately 12 pounds. A fee will be charged to the camper by the laundry service if the weight limit is exceeded.

Labeling clothes and personal items

All articles should be marked with name tape, stamp, laundry pen or permanent marker. Please make sure to label everything you send to camp. Please remember to mark socks individually, and all personal items such as hair brushes, tooth brushes, shampoo, tennis racquet covers, - EVERYTHING.

Labeling Assistance

Laundry     Laundry


We recommend campers not bring any valuables (anything not easily replaced) to camp. Items such as Retainers and Eyeglasses should have an appropriate storage container. The camp can in no way assume the responsibility for any personal articles and is not liable for any articles lost or presumed stolen. Riverview reserves the right to hold items in the office until closing day.


Our role is to protect your daughter from exposure to “what other children” might bring to camp on electronics. We ask that electronic items and other valuables be left at home. Mobile cell phones or pagers, electronics, DVD or MP3 Players, IPods, IPads, gaming devices, radios, tape recorders, CD players, lap top computers, computer gaming devices, jewelry, and other easily damaged items, are not recommended for camp use and should be left at home. Riverview reserves the right to hold these items in the office until closing day.

 Camp is a busy, fun, activity-filled, relational community that enhances your daughter’s life in ways far beyond “electronics”! Campers and staff  tell us that they “love” not having the “electronic stuff” while they are at camp.

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