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Riverview Closing Day
Riverview Closing Day

On Closing Day, the check out time is 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. CENTRAL TIME

Step 1. 2022 Closing day will be similar to opening day, we will meet you at the gate, then you pick up your daughter(s) from cabin

We will have Riverview Closing Day staff waiting for you to help load your items into your vehicle. Look around the cabin and on clothes lines to make sure that all of her items are claimed and packed.

For security purposes, please do not drive away with your daughter without checking her out at the office.

LOST & FOUND: Please check your camper's cabin and trunk thoroughly before leaving.  While camp is not responsible for lost items, we do maintain a temporary Lost & Found list and will try to locate lost items marked with her name.  Unclaimed items and items with no name will be donated to local charities after September 30.  If you find that you have taken something home by mistake that belongs to someone else, please call or email for a forwarding address.  DO NOT RETURN THEM TO US.

 Step 2. Get personal medications

If applicable, pick up personal medications from the nurse at the office.

Step 3. Check out at Office

Check status of spending account. You have the following options:

  • request refund  of remaining money
  • transfer to pre-registration for next year
  • pay balance due if she over-spent her account
  • leave remaining money (or add money) for next year's  spending account

Money not requested for refund or transfer will remain in her sending account until next year

Pre-Register for Next Year

Most campers pre-register on or before closing day in order to secure their space for next summer and to participate in the drawing for great prizes. We already have an application for you. And with Riverview's customized payment plans camp is easier than ever! Most of all you and your child have peace of mind to know that the camp she loves is already in her plans for next summer!

Pre-Registration Payment Options

  • Pre-registration reduced-deposit of $450 if pre-registering on or before closing day of your session
    • Plus receive a great gift for your daughter
    • Plus a free pre-registration t-shirt
    • Plus a great discount on next year's fee
    • Plus be eligible for the drawing for prizes


  • Pre-registration deposit of $600 if pre-registering after closing day and on or before September 1st
    • Plus a great discount on next year's fee
    • Plus be eligible for the drawing for prizes

Pre-Registration Drawing Details

Pre-registered campers with the required deposit will be in a drawing for:

  1. One two-week camp session in the upcoming year (non-transferable)
  2. One of two 50% off a 2-week session camp fee. Non-transferable. Non-refundable. Voids all other discounts.
  3. One of five Free Mother-Daughter Weekends (fee paid, does not include horseback riding)
  4. $100 credit at Chiki-Boutiki
  5. One of three $50 credits at Chiki Boutiki

Note: All Prizes are non-transferable and non-refundable. All camp fees prizes void all other discounts.

Step 4. Chiki-Boutiki

Visit Chiki-Boutiki to pick up extra gifts or souvenir items

Step 5. Arts & Crafts

If your camper took arts & crafts pick up craft projects at Arts & Crafts building

Step 6. Camp Walk

Enjoy walking around camp with your daughter so you can meet her friends and see her favorite places.

Remember Fall Mother-Daughter Weekend.

Reservation Form is online now.

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