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You know you’ve made the right decision… …When you hear your daughter say…”I’m going to Riverview!” We celebrate her choice too!
From the Directors
Dr. Larry and Susan Hooks

Dr. Larry and Susan Hooks

Usually our first conversation with a parent/guardian will include the questions below. While we are trying to anticipate some of your questions in advance, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally about any questions you may have about Riverview Camp for Girls. Getting to know our camp families is important to us!

You will be amazed at all your daughter will be able to do at Riverview, and we look forward to making the decision an easy one.

In 1983, when we first became Camp Directors, we realized quickly the seriousness of the privilege of providing quality camping and mentoring opportunities for young girls. The definition of quality that we aspire to comes from a quote that inspired us in those early years as Directors and continues to be our focus: “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of specific goals, sincere effort, intentional direction and skillful execution: it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” With an amazing staff and wonderful families who attend our camp, this privilege and responsibility of providing quality camping has guided us through these years in our quest for camping excellence…a quest that has allowed us to serve thousands of campers and parents. We thank God for the privilege every day!

Dr. Larry and Susan Hooks


How will my daughter choose her activities?

Riverview ActivityOn the first afternoon of camp we have a “registration” for classes. If you, as a parent/guardian, have an activity that she “must” take, then indicate it on the application. We will make sure that she includes that requirement in her schedule. If she has a “must not take” (due to allergies or personal preference) then let us know that as well.  Parents find comfort in allowing their daughters to make these choices on their on…all of the activity choices that we offer are great and she will make great decisions!  Encourage her to take what she enjoys or perhaps enjoy things at camp that she may not participate in on a regular basis during the rest of the year.  Even if she signs up for an activity that her “bunk mate” may not be taking, she will do so with the confidence that she will quickly expand her camper friendships!

What if my daughter is “advanced” in an activity? Will she be held back with her own age?

Riverview HorsesOur campers are placed in activities primarily by age/grade. However, if upon assessment, your daughter is advanced in any activity (equestrian, tennis, ropes, etc.), we will place her in a suitable class.

What if my daughter sees an activity that she would like to switch to, is she allowed to change her schedule?

Riverview Change ActivityAbsolutely, during the first few days of camp we realize that she may want to make a change. Though most of our campers remain excited about their original schedule, we want all of our campers happy, so they have a few days to make a few changes.

Will my daughter be able to participate in out-of-camp trips?

Riverview Day TripRiverview Trip DayFor the summer of 2024 a decision has not yet been made about out-of-camp trips.Riverview Trip Day

Are there any extra charges for activities like Horseback and Arts and Crafts?

Riverview FeesNo, there are no extra charges for any of our activities. We do ask you to bring hard-sole shoes or boots, with a heel, for riding classes. We provide riding helmets. You are welcome to bring your own if you have one. We also request that you use one of your white Riverview shirts to Tie-Dye or bring a solid white t-shirt with you for Arts & Crafts Tie-Dye day if you are taking Arts & Crafts!

Camp Life

What time do we arrive on opening day?

Check-in will be from 8:30 am to 10:30 AM CDT on opening days. We will meet you at the gate and ask that you remain in your vehicle while we quickly process all documentation if Covid is an issue. Please be prepared for long lines.

What if my child needs to arrive early or stay late?

Early arrivals are not available for 2024.

Late departure: Extended days/nights past the regular check-out day of the regularly scheduled session will be prorated based on the session fee.

Will I see my child at camp?

Yes, we upload hundreds of photos everyday so you will be able to enjoy your child’s camp experience!  You will also have the option of purchasing the Waldo face recognition software app to install on your phone which will find your child in the uploaded photos and send a link to them directly to your phone.

What is the best means of communication with camp regarding updates and news?

We communicate by email and we ask our clients and friends to join our Riverview Camp for Girls Facebook fan page. If you camper is age 13 (Facebook requirements) or older we invite them to join the fan page as well. We also make updates on Twitter. Our website will also have current information available for you. Our office phone number is 256-634-4043 or 800-882-0722. We upload photos daily during the summer for parents to enjoy.

Are phone calls allowed? What is the best way to communicate with my child?

faq10The best way to communicate is with letters and emails. We print emails daily to put in your daughter’s cabin mail box to delivered right after lunch each day. We also offer a system called Bunk1 with a “bunk notes” option that allows your daughters to email you as well! If you are concerned about your child, you are welcome to call the office to talk to us and we will help you determine if a phone conversation with your child is the best option. Phone calls and mid-camp visits are not encouraged and are not practical because they interrupt the camp schedule and they will most likely initiate homesickness that, honestly, creates stress for the camper. If a child is anxious or homesick while they are at camp we handle each situation individually and want to do what will create a successful, comfortable, experience for both parent and child without compromising the camp program for your child. Of course, the Directors, Susan Hooks or Donna Bares, will call you for your input if necessary to help with any adjustment issues. One of the comforts of camp for your camper is that we are a private community of “Riverview Girls” only…and during their stay here they live out their camp dream with friends, staff, and programs where they learn to be creative and self-reliant! They become immersed in the “camp culture” that is so pure and precious to them. This is one of the fundamental reasons camp is so successful! Following us on Instagram and Facebook offers frequent and immediate updates! Most parents (and campers when age appropriate) follow us throughout the year to see camp updates and notices.

What is the Riverview Policy on electronics?

Our role is to protect your daughter from exposure to what “other children” might bring to camp on electronics. We ask that electronic items and other valuables be left at home. Mobile cell phones or pagers, smart watches, electronics, DVD or MP3 Players, IPods, IPads, gaming devices, radios, tape recorders, CD players, lap top computers, computer gaming devices, jewelry, and other easily damaged items, are not recommended for camp use and should be left at home. Riverview reserves the right to hold these items in the office until closing day. Camp is a busy, fun, activity-filled, relational community that enhances your daughter’s life in ways far beyond “electronics”! Most campers will tell us that they “love” not having the “electronic stuff” while they are at camp.

Will my daughter need a trunk?

Rivereview TrunkRiverview TrunkRiverview TrunkA trunk is best, although a large plastic container will be adequate. They can also add the Riverview Logo on the trunk! Learn More

What do we pack for camp?

Please see our packing information page. This page also contains a downloadable .pdf checklist. Learn More

Does Riverview provide laundry service?

Riverview utilizes a laundry service for our two-week campers. It is very important that everything is labeled! It is important to pack a washable laundry bag for her laundry to be sent in.

Do I send gifts to my daughter while at camp?

Of course you may! Though the focus of camp should not be “gifts”, campers love to receive an occasional package from home. We also have a great gift shop at camp. Often parents will purchase “Riverview surprises” to put in gift bags to leave at the front office for us to put in her mail box. Please do not mail food items.

Please mail letters to:
Riverview Camp
Camper Name/Cabin (you will find this out on opening day)
PO Box 299
Mentone, AL 35984

Please send packages to:
Riverview Camp
Camper Name/Cabin (you will find this out on opening day)
757 County Road 614
Mentone, AL 35984

How does my daughter make purchases while she is at camp?

Riverview Spending Riverview SpendingParents will need to fund a spending account each of their children. We have a snack shop in The Boutiki gift shop that we open each day. We allow campers to purchase two snack items and a drink from the snack shop at each visit to The Boutiki as well as purchases from the gift shop area. The price of each of her purchases will be deducted from the money in her spending account.

Your child will also need to purchase a tribe outfit that they will wear on special days at camp. To help preserve the money in her account you will have the opportunity to purchase her tribe uniform on opening day and pay by cash, check or credit card, or she can purchase her tribe uniform and have it deducted from her spending account.

How will my daughter choose a camp tribe?

tribeA part of the opening day schedule is for your daughter to select her tribe. She will draw a card that will designate a tribe for her. As an alternative, she may choose to be in the tribe of a family member. While our cabins are filled with girls within the same age range, being in a tribe allows girls to get to know campers of all ages. Tribes offer good-sportsmanship, healthy competition, and another way to have fun while meeting new friends. Leadership skills emerge as older campers enjoy the opportunity to become tribe leaders!

Is the schedule on Sunday different from the rest of the week?

Riverview Sunday'sDuring the two-week sessions, we sleep until 9:00 on Sunday mornings and then enjoy a pajama breakfast complete with homemade doughnuts! It is a relaxing morning. We have a Worship Service in the gym and for our Catholic campers we provide transportation to Mass in Fort Payne, AL (15 minutes away). On Sunday afternoon we enjoy a Swim Meet between the tribes and a picnic on the “Gazaboo” for supper.

Other times of spiritual emphasis include child-appropriate and meaningful Morning Watch and Campfire talks daily that campers of every age remember fondly. As a Private Christian Camp, the owners, Dr. Larry and Susan Hooks, want your girls to feel loved and affirmed…and this supportive atmosphere is embraced by our campers, staff and camp parents!

How many campers will be in her cabin? How many counselors are in each cabin?

Riverview CabinOur counselor to camper ratio is 5:1…not including our Directors, administrative and leadership team and our medical staff, etc. There are two senior counselors who live in each cabin with campers rooms adjacent. One or two junior counselors are assigned to be with the girls in each cabin during any cabin time. Our camper cabins for ages 6 to 11 accommodate 16 campers. There will be 8 campers (4 bunks) in two separate rooms. If you have a friend or friends who are attending, you can choose to be in the same room or in the same cabin but have bunks in separate rooms!

Riverview CabinOur cabins for campers ages 12-16 are normally two-story large cabins with campers living in rooms together with counselors’ rooms adjacent. The capacity varies from 20-35 and we will have from 4-8 counselors assigned to these cabins.

What will my daughter’s cabin be like?

Camp is here to offer fun, friends, and more friends for your daughters with “cozy cabins” for them to enjoy living in. They will love their cabins because they are “arrogantly rustic” with the benefits of having a place we can live in and play comfortably and safely. Moms who have camped with us and whose daughters now attend Riverview, love having their daughter stay in “their cabins” and they love that they are familiar!

All of our cabins have bathrooms and showers inside the cabins. We have two bathrooms in our smaller cabins and as many as four bathrooms and showers in our larger cabins. They are all enclosed for privacy.

Since we are on top of Lookout Mountain, we have cooler nights and days so there is no need for air-conditioning.  We have ceiling fans and window fans, with just the good “Mountain Air” coming in through screened windows with flaps that close in the event of “liquid sunshine”.

May my daughter be in a cabin with her friend(s)?

There is a place on the application to indicate cabin mate requests. The camper cabin mate requests should be within one year age and one grade of your own daughter. Our goal is for your daughter and her friend(s) to be happy, so we prefer that the requests be mutual requests. As your daughter’s number of friends “grow” over the years of attending camp, she will want to continue to camp with them…and we are prepared for the “growing list” and always do our best to keep friends together. Need to add a camper friend who has enrolled late for camp to her cabin-mate list? Just let us know via email to

If this is my daughter’s first time to attend camp and she is coming without a friend, how do you choose her cabin mates?

Riverview Cabin MatesWe will place her in a cabin with other girls her age/grade who are also attending camp for the first time. Of course, she will be with campers who have been here before who are eager to include new campers into their circle of friends! One of the great opportunities at camp is for girls to meet other girls from new places and often make lifelong friendships from these cabin mates.  One of our counselors’ main goals is to make sure girls are making new friends and that everyone in the cabin is included.  The very nature of opening day at camp and our program offers immediate bonding with other girls (usually about 15 minutes, literally!). Once all parents have departed from the cabin, “a bonding cabin time” will help new and returning campers adjust quickly!

What time do we pick up on closing day?

Riverview Closing DayRiverview Closing Day

Closing day procedure will be similar as opening day procedure. Campers can be picked up between 9:00 and 11:00 AM Central Time. You will drive to your daughter’s cabin, pick her up and then bring her back by the office to check out. If you need to pick up earlier let us know so we can have your daughter ready to go. If you are running late please give us a call—we will let your daughter know so she will not be anxious or concerned.

Who will her counselors be and how do you choose them?

One of our strengths that make Riverview unique is our staff. We hire intelligent, energetic counselors that you yourself would choose to be role models for your daughters. Our staff are college-age young women, most of whom have camped with us for years and come back to ‘give back’ to a camp they know and love! They have “grown up” with us! We know their families and they know and understand Riverview Camp! They appreciate and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to have a positive influence on young girls and peers in a Christian environment, year after year! Our new staff will be equally impressive. Many staff members are recommended by former staff and camp associates with which we already have a relationship of trust. The hiring process is thorough and complete for all our staff, regardless of our relationship/history with them. Each summer, your campers will enjoy a fun, caring staff that is eager for your daughter to have a great time at camp!


How do you handle food allergies?

With care and individually! The more information you can give us up front the more we can prepare our staff. Our medical staff and food service staff work together to help manage children with food allergies. In the event of severe specific allergies, parents will bring some substitutions to leave in the dining hall coolers, freezer, etc. for our food service to prepare at meal time specifically for their camper. (Example: gluten free items/special milk, etc.) Additionally, we are a  NUT-FREE camp all summer. We want to talk to you to answer your questions specifically, so please call the Directors/Management. We are here to help! Remember, you will meet with the medical staff on opening day and you can call them during the camp session for consultation and updates. If your daughter has severe allergies, please give us the “Plan of Action” that you utilize with your daughter’s particular allergy.

How do campers feel about the food?

Riverview Campers love our food selections! Served family style, with “camper friendly and parent approved” appetizing and nutritious meals, we offer plenty of local fresh produce daily!

Nut-Free Camp

Nut-FreeWe are Nut-Free all summer every session!

If you have any questions, parents are welcome to call camp management prior to camp. Parents will meet with our nurses and/or physician on opening day to discuss any health issues as well.



Do you have nurses and physicians on campus?

Yes. We normally have four nurses and one physician on campus to oversee the health of our campers. Each camper is required to have a completed “Riverview Medical Form” on file prior to her arrival in camp. Normally most campers never visit the Health Care Center and if so, it is usually for something minor (like a band-aid!). Because safety is so important to us, our Activity Heads of Departments and full-summer counselors are certified in CPR and First Aid. We are 15 minutes from a hospital in Fort Payne, AL: DeKalb Regional Medical Center and we are 45 minutes from Chattanooga, TN and Rome, GA hospitals and medical services.

What happens if my daughter is ill while at camp?

We will contact you if your camper needs to spend the night at the Health Care Center, needs prescription medication, needs to visit a doctor in town, get x-rays or lab work, if your camper’s schedule must be altered due to a health situation, or for any other reason that the Nurses or Physician feel consultation with you will enhance your camper’s health!

My daughter takes medication on a time schedule; will it be able to be given to her at those times?

Since every parent and child will meet with a nurse on opening day, you will have the opportunity to take as much time as you need to discuss health and medication needs of your daughter. Our health history form is online and will need to be completed at least one week before arriving at camp.  A medications form is also online and should be completed before arriving at camp.  Medications, including over the counter,  should be brought to camp in their original containers, and given to the nurse at the health check on opening day.  Medications cannot be kept in the cabins.

What about diabetics or other medical needs such as asthma, etc. ?

Our medical staff will monitor your child and set up a plan of management that you are comfortable with and is best for your daughter. They will also set up a plan for you to communicate with them during the session.

Nut-Free Camp

Nut-FreeWe are Nut-Free all summer every session!

If you have any questions, parents are welcome to call camp management prior to camp. Parents will meet with our nurses and/or physician on opening day to discuss any health issues as well.



When do I submit an application?


This girl is going to Riverview!

Please submit your application as soon as possible. We will take campers on a first-come basis and on a space available basis. If it is necessary for you to change a session later in the year, we will do our best to accommodate you. THERE IS NOT A DEADLINE and we continue taking applications until spaces are unavailable. You will be notified quickly if you have to be placed on a waiting list and we will hold your application in order of arrival until a space is open and then process your application. If you have additional application questions, please call us at 800-882-0722 so we can help you.

Are there any discounts for early enrollment?

Applicable Discount Information •Before October 1 - is a pre-registration discount.  This discount voids all other discounts. After October 1st: Multi-session discounts - $75 for more than one two-week session and $35 discount for an additional one-week session. •10% Sister discounts for the 2nd and 3rd, etc. sister in the same summer.  If the sister discount is more than the pre-registration discount we will apply the sister discount before October 1st instead of the pre-registration discount.

What if my child needs to arrive early or stay late?

Early arrivals are not available for 2024.

Late departure: Extended days/nights past the regular check-out day of the regularly scheduled session will be prorated based on the session fee.

What are the payment options for camp?

If you are a person that likes to plan ahead, you may choose our monthly payment option…otherwise, payments are due in November, February and the balance is due by May 1. Riverview accepts credit card payments for your convenience.

Will I receive a refund if my child does not attend the full session?

Late arrival:  There is no reduction in fees for late arrivals.

Early departure:  In case of leaving camp early due to documented physical illness, the camp will credit the unused camp fee as a pre-registration deposit for the next year.  Otherwise, there is no refund or credit for any other early departure reason.

What if I have to cancel my child’s camp session?

If a cancellation is made before April 1 all fees are returned except a $300 processing fee. From April 1-May 1 half of the camp fee will be returned. However, the non-refundable amounts may be transferred to the following year for the same camper or a sister. After May 1 fees are not refundable but are transferable to the following year or to a sister. For session changes after May 1 that reduce the fee the credit balance may be transferred for trips or transportation fees and to the following year’s registration. If Riverview has to cancel the  summer, fees will be rolled over to the following summer or will be refunded.

What ages attend Camp Riverview?

faq3Girls ages 6 to 16 attend Riverview Camp! I We have accepted campers that are about to turn 6 as well, if you as a parent feels she is socially independent enough to enjoy camp! We have adequate numbers in all age groups. It is an amazing combination of wonder and delightful camaraderie as girls of all ages enjoy camp together, while taking activities and living in cabins with their own age/grade range!  If she is 16 years old she can still attend camp, even if she will be turning 17 the day after she arrives at camp.

Who attends Riverview Camp?

faq2Delightful families! You will join other families who are seek opportunities for their daughters to be in Christian environments for safe, exciting and fulfilling opportunities, including getting to meet girls from a diversity of families and faiths. We are privileged to have many campers of moms who were themselves campers and counselors with us!

How are the one-week sessions and two-week sessions structured?

• Two-Week Session 1 (Sessions A and B are one-week program options during Session 1)
• Two-Week Session 2 (Sessions C and D are one-week program options during Session 2)
• Two-Week Session 3 (two-week campers only)
• Two-Week Session 4 (Sessions E and F are the one-week options during Session 4)

Some campers enjoy combining one-week and two-week sessions for a 3 week or longer stay. (Example Session 1 and Session C).


One-week or two-weeks or more…what is best for my child?

Both ofaq4ne- and two-week campers will enjoy the experience and benefits that camp offers. Most of our campers attend a two-week session, though we have one-week campers who attend each session.

If possible, we recommend that your camper attends for two-weeks. Campers tend to get “settled in” during the first week and the following week they spend more time developing skills in activities, making stronger friendships and enjoying the feeling of “my camp”. While this experience begins and is meaningful in the one-week program, it is firmly absorbed in the two-week progression. If she initially signs up for one week and wants to extend her stay, you may add on another week if there is a space available!

Each session we have campers who are multi-session campers who attend three, four, five, and even up to eight weeks. Multi-session campers enjoy a chaperoned excursion between sessions to nearby Chattanooga.


What if I have one child that I want to send for two weeks and another child that I wish to send for one week?

As you can see our one-week options are a part of our two-week sessions! If you have more than one child that you are sending to Riverview and you are considering sending one child for two weeks and one child for one week, we recommend that, if possible, the one-week camper attend the second one-week program in that session! It is usually easier for your two-week daughter to anticipate the arrival of her sister than for her to have to see the departure of her sister in the middle of her two-week program!

What are the transportation options to camp?

Riverview transportation Riverview transportationRiverview BusWhile most parents drive their girls to camp, we offer chaperoned airport pickups in Chattanooga (preferred), Birmingham, Atlanta and Fort Payne’s Isbell Field Airports. As a service, we offer limited chartered, chaperoned buses that normally include Baton Rouge and/or Covington/Mandeville, LA; Mobile, Evergreen, Montgomery and Birmingham, AL. RIVERVIEW WILL NOT BE OFFERING CHAPERONED BUSSES TO OR FROM CAMP FOR SUMMER 2023.  TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS, IF ANY, HAVE NOT YET BEEN DECIDED FOR 2024.

My daughter is a younger camper; will her daily needs be met like they are at home?

Riverview Young young2We understand that the younger camper needs more guidance, direction and personal-care time. Counselors are trained to assist the younger children with their daily needs, including personal hygiene, scheduling and meal times.  We have programs in place to make this an easy transition for your young child.  Please let us know any specifics about your child’s daily needs…we are here to help!   Your daughter may find it helpful if you organize her clothing in Ziploc bags labeled by day or evening (include t-shirt, shorts, underwear, socks) to assist with her morning and evening routines. Also  Velcro tennis shoes will make her camp life simpler. Younger campers need to practice washing their hair in the shower before coming to camp to make camp life easier for them!

What are some of the personal benefits of attending Riverview?

faq7The benefits of camping will include the opportunity to build self-confidence, strengthen social skills, increase cooperation, explore new activities, appreciate nature, form lasting memories, experience healthy friendships, interact with positive adult role models and grow closer to God. As you look through our website, we hope you hear our hearts.  We just want to take care of your daughters in a safe place, providing great opportunities, good role models and creating opportunities for life-long meaningfulness while we “empower” them to make good decisions in life! One of the goals that most of our parents/guardians tell us is that their wish is to lead their girls into becoming independent, confident children/young adults and enhance their childhood, teen years and their adulthood! Regardless of their length of stay, at camp…it is amazing how children will grow…grow self-confidence, friendships and values that last a lifetime. We think that “family” is the most important part of her life and we are grateful to be a part of your child’s “camp family”. We are so fortunate! To you, the parents and guardians, we just want to say Thank you! We believe that children are the wondrous beginnings that make a profound difference in the world around us. Your confidence in your child and in Riverview will be sensed by your child and will be celebrated by Riverview as we commit to support your parental success. To increase your confidence in Riverview, please watch the on-line segments from our parents and staff… listen to their experiences as well!

What if I want to give camp or camp items as a “gift for a special occasion”?

faq8Giving camp as a gift is a great idea! Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, Easter Baskets, etc. are perfect occasions for camp items! This gift includes… new friends and making great memories, s’mores, campfires, tennis, archery, swimming, canoeing, ropes course, climbing tower, chorus & drama, gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, horseback riding, adventure, inspiration, character and confidence building, and so much more!

What are the benefits of Single-gender camping?

Girls love living and learning and playing in an environment without the pressure of “boys”…Please watch this video to get the full answer!


Do you perform background checks on your staff?

Yes, without exception.

How do you train your staff?

Safety first, fun second! We have a very thorough orientation program prior to the summer that includes not only activity training and certifications, but includes outside experts in the camping industry. Safety first, fun second is a critical and consistent part of every aspect of our staff training.

Do your counselors have activity certifications like lifeguarding, etc.?

Yes, we are Accredited by American Camping Association so all activities that require certification will have certified instructors. We have certified Red Cross Water Safety Instructors, Lifeguards, Ropes Course Staff, Archery, CPR, First Aid, and Canoeing. Some of our activities will have Certification Clinics such as Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Horseback Riding, and Outdoor Living Skills.

How do you handle food allergies?

With care and individually! The more information you can give us up front the more we can prepare our staff. Our medical staff and food service staff work together to help manage children with food allergies. In the event of severe specific allergies, parents will bring some substitutions to leave in the dining hall coolers, freezer, etc. for our food service to prepare at meal time specifically for their camper. (Example: gluten free items/special milk, etc.) Additionally, we are a  NUT-FREE camp all summer. We want to talk to you to answer your questions specifically, so please call the Directors/Management. We are here to help! Remember, you will meet with the medical staff on opening day and you can call them during the camp session for consultation and updates. If your daughter has severe allergies, please give us the “Plan of Action” that you utilize with your daughter’s particular allergy.

Are campers required to wear a life jacket in the river?

faq9Yes, if she takes canoeing or any river activity, she will be wearing a lifejacket. No one is allowed in the river without a lifejacket and the lifejacket being inspected by a staff member for safety. Lifeguards are present for all waterfront activities.

Will my daughter be busy, happy and safe?

Above all, we want your daughter happy in a safe place!

We begin the day with flag-raising, then Morning watch and Breakfast! With activity choices that are plentiful, an action-packed three activity morning, then lunch, rest hour and mail time, three more activity times in the afternoon, shower time, dinner, evening program, then a campfire devotion and bedtime, they have time for only fun! We always have a copy of your daughters schedule in the office so we know what activity they are in each hour of the day. Any schedule changes that occur must be made through the front office so we always have an accurate accounting of every child. During each class, the Activity Leader will call roll to make sure that each of the campers are present and will immediately contact the office via radio if a camper is not there. We will immediately locate the child (normally she is just running late because she is changing from her riding boots to her swim suit, etc.)

Smiles, happiness and energy expended all day long in her activity schedule makes for a great nights rest!

Though our community is safe and local residents are very protective of the camping community in Mentone, we have a night watchman on our campus each evening throughout the night. Our summer leadership staff lives in housing that surrounds the edge of camp, including the Director’s home.

Now more than ever

Girls need summer camp!

Every day at Riverview girls enjoy days filled with numerous activities and sports with special events every evening…ending each day with singing around the campfire…won’t you join in?

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