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Riverview Camp Health and Safety Guidelines

Greetings from Lookout Mountain! We know you have been eagerly waiting for information and we ‘ve been closely monitoring and learning the most recent information from the experts on how to offer a safe camp experience. Since updates are occurring daily, we will continue to modify our information prior to each session in order to manage risks at camp, just like in public places, in school and in our own homes. We’ve adopted reasonable precautions that we would want for our own children or grandchildren. Whether your daughter is returning to camp or joining us for the first time, we want Riverview Camp to be her “home away from home”.  

We also want to acknowledge that many campers and parents may feel like saying, “We are so over Covid”. We hear you because we know that all the testing and protocols can be exhausting. We are still asking for your support in health and safety one more time so that your daughter can finally be at camp again! All our precautions are in place to provide a summer of wellness for our camp community and for your daughter(s).

With this in mind, we are excited to welcome our campers and staff back to Riverview!


  1. Our intention is to be mask-free in daily camp activities and special events which are outside or in large open spaces. If a child or staff member wishes to wear a mask this is absolutely fine. We want everyone to feel happy and secure in their surroundings. Physical distancing will be implemented as needed. A mask will be used when in settings where physical distancing is difficult.  Please remember to send your daughter with several masks clearly labeled with her name.
  2. Prior to arrival at camp your camper must provide one of the following:
  • Negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival.
  • Covid Vaccine Card with 2nd vaccine completed 14 days prior to opening day.
  • Proof of positive Covid test within 90 days of the start of your session.
  1. Please upload one of the above to daughter’s online portal: Choose Forms and Documents to upload.

Additional Pre-Camp Information Details:

  1. Camp fees and spending money, originally due May 1st, must be paid in full at least 1 week before arrival at camp.
  2. Health History form must be completed online one week before arrival to camp.
  3. Camper’s medications must be entered online on the Medication Form before arriving to camp.
  4. If you are taking a PCR test mention when scheduling that you want the test “because of concern for exposure to covid in the setting of possible high community spread.” Most insurance companies will pay for the test in this situation. Should you prefer a home saliva test, Click here to follow a link to Vault Health’s PCR test.
  5. In the week prior to summer camp please keep your daughter physically distanced so she can avoid exposure to Covid.
  6. Check-in will be from 7 am to 10 AM CDT on opening days. We will meet you at the gate and ask that you remain in your vehicle while we quickly process all documentation. Please be prepared for long lines.
  7. One adult may accompany your camper to check in at the office, for her health screening in the gym, and to her cabin.
  8. We are asking all visitors to wear a mask while in any camp building on opening day.
  9. Campers who test positive for Covid 19 while at camp must be picked up within 12 hours of diagnosis.
  10. Closing day procedure will be similar as opening day procedure. We will meet you at the gate.
  11. We are utilizing the services of Cintas to provide hands-free sanitizers, soaps, and paper towel holders in every bathroom, in the gym, in the dining hall as well as all activity stations. We are also utilizing foot pedals on water stations that are hands free, so bring her Water Bottle!
  12. Each session, our Medical Staff will be involved in the daily health care of our campers and staff.

While opening day will be a bit different this year, for the most part daily camp life will remain the same.  She will still have the Riverview experience that we all know and love. Opening Day details are under Health and Safety Guidelines-Additional Details below.

  • Our mission is that every girl will feel God’s presence at Riverview and above all, that she feels safe here, as she participates in and enjoys camp life this summer.
  • Cabins will operate much the same as they always have. Cabins will be our campers’ primary family.  Campers will not be allowed to enter cabins that are not their own.
  • During mealtimes, cabin inspection, rest period, shower times and bedtime, campers and staff will interact with their cabin family where face coverings will not be required…just like your family at home. Your camper will need to bring a caddy or Zip-Lock bag for shower time, with just her shower items.
  • Prior to meals, Riverview will continue our practice of placing hand sanitizer on the hand of every camper and staff entering the building. Meals will be eaten with cabin groups as usual and physically distant from other cabins.
  • Our activity programs will operate as usual with girls participating in the activities they select but will remain in their “age groups”.
  • Caution this summer will be an expectation not an option.

In the Health and Safety Guidelines-Additional Details below, we have provided IMPORTANT additional details about information above and opening day procedures, pre-arrival testing options, and other important topics.

As we have learned since the pandemic began, plans and protocols can change rapidly, and we will adjust as necessary.

Thank you for trusting us with your daughter(s). We look forward to seeing you at Riverview!

With Thanks,

Dr. Larry and Susan Hooks

Owners and Directors

Riverview Camp for Girls

256-634-4043 office


Activity Questions:

Accounting Questions:

Medical Questions:










Health and Safety Guidelines – Additional Details Thank you for your attention to detail.  We are so happy to be able to spend our summer with your girls! We look forward to a fun-filled and exciting session. We have missed you all!

Prior to Camp Arrival Protocol:

  • Camp fees were originally due May 1st and we are requiring camp fees and spending account deposits be paid in full one week prior to your child’s session. This will greatly improve the flow of traffic on check in day.
  • Our new health form is online and must be completed at least one week before arrival.
  • You must enter all medications for your camper in the Online Medication Form prior to arrival in camp. All medications must be given to the Health Care Team during the Health Screening in the Gym.  Medications, including over-the-counter, cannot be kept in the cabins.
  • Your camper must present a negative Covid-19 PCR test result to attend camp and you may choose any physician’s office or any company’s PCR test. We have a link to Vault Health’s PCR test. It is a saliva test, that can be easily administered at home. You may prefer this if your daughter is uncomfortable with an in-office physicians visit. The costs are normally covered by most insurance companies. Click here to order your test. You will need to order the test at least 14 days prior to your Opening Day. The Covid-19 test must have a collection date within 72 hours of your check in date.
  • Campers who have proof of completed vaccine will not be required to provide a negative Covid-19 PCR test. The second dose of vaccine must be administered 2 weeks prior to your child’s opening day.
  • Campers who have tested positive to Covid-19 within 90 days of their session’s opening day are exempt from the testing requirement with a physical copy of the dated positive test result.
  • We ask that your camper practice physical distancing for 72 hours following the required test.

What do we mean by physical distancing after covid test? 

  • In the week prior to summer camp please do everything you can to avoid exposure to Covid.
  • After the PCR test, we are asking that you stay at home if possible… Just to be as safe as possible!
  • We are asking campers to avoid gathering with groups in crowded and or public settings such as indoor restaurants, indoor sporting events and malls. School is an exception. If your child is attending school inside the 72-hour window we ask that she physically distance while during non-school hours and functions. Outdoor activities where physical distancing is easily achieved are excellent choices.
  • We are also asking family members to be Covid mindful during these time periods and the 72-hour period.

 Travel to camp:

  • Campers may fly to and from camp via the Birmingham, Atlanta, Chattanooga and Fort Payne Isbell Field airports. Chattanooga is our preferred location. There is a reservation form online that you will need to complete if you wish to schedule your child with our Riverview chaperones. Please call the office to confirm reservations and again a week before her arrival to confirm arrangements.  We must have a digital copy of all required Covid compliance documents prior to transport. 
  • We ask that campers observe strict masking and distancing throughout their travel and comply with all federal aviation mandates.
  • We are not offering chartered busses to camp this year.






Opening Day Guidelines:

  • Camp arrival and check in will be scheduled from 7:00 am – 10:00 am CDT
  • Camper vehicles will be greeted at the Riverview Gate (please expect lines and wait-time). Please stay in your vehicle while we quickly process initial Covid Compliance.
  • We are asking all visitors to wear a mask while in any camp building on opening day.
  • After initial Covid compliance, the accompanying adult and camper will be directed to our open-air gym to complete health check with a nurse. Reminder: Our health form is online and with our new health form, all medications required for your camper should be entered online prior to arrival. All medications must be turned in to our nursing staff (in the gym) and will be administered by our Health Care Team. Medications may not remain in the cabin with your camper.
  • Cabin Assignments are given in the gym following the health discussion with our nurses.
  • We are requiring only one adult to accompany your child to her cabin. If you have additional people in your group, they must remain in your vehicle or physically distance from all others on campus. We are asking that siblings not be allowed to enter cabin with you.
  • The adult accompanying your camper must wear a mask at all times in the cabin. Please be brief as you check your daughter into her cabin. Do not enter any other cabins unless you have more than one camper in different cabins.  We recommend talking with your camper about this process beforehand so she can be prepared for your limited time in her cabin and your quick exit.  Be positive and express your confidence in her.  We are working very hard to make entry fun and exciting for the girls!
  • While we know not lingering is challenging, we firmly believe that this is the best chance we have at creating a safe, Covid-free bubble.


  • To ensure the health and safety of our campers and prevent the spread of disease, no visitors will be allowed during the Summer of 2021.



  • As essential care workers, our hope is for all of our counselors to be fully vaccinated prior to their arrival at camp. Requirements for negative PCR tests will be the same as for our campers.


Who should not come to camp this summer:

  • Campers from vulnerable groups, or those living with people from vulnerable groups.
  • Those who cannot meet the check-in guideline and requirements noted above.
  • Campers from families who are unable to arrange camper pick up within 12 hours of receiving a call from camp regarding a Covid situation.


Camp Response to a Suspected or Confirmed Case of Covid-19:

  • Each session, our Medical Staff will be involved in the daily health care of our campers and staff.
  • If there is a suspected Covid situation, the parents will be notified first as we progress with our analysis.
  • If a camper tests positive for Covid parents will be notified.  The camper will remain at the health center until she can be picked up (within 12 hours).


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