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As Directors of Riverview Camp for Girls, please allow us to share some of our thoughts on camp counseling. We would ask that you read through these comments carefully, and we request that you give serious thought to this job application before returning it to us. There are small blocks of time in our lives that we are offered a window of opportunity to give of ourselves. Those blocks of time include the summers between each year of college, prior to stepping into a full-time career. Often, it is during those summers, that skills and work ethics are developed that “set the tone” for those career years ahead. One such opportunity is that of becoming a camp counselor!

If you are seeking a summer job that will increase your self-awareness, communication skills and stamina, as well as your faith... while providing adventure, inspiration, character and confidence building, Riverview may be the place for you! Working on our camp staff is for responsible people only. Though camp will provide a lot of fun, it is not to be entered into as an “eight week vacation”... camp counselors and staff should consider their job as being a chance to serve youth as well as an opportunity for personal development. Being responsible for the lives and character molding of young girls is not “Kid stuff.” It is a job for responsible and mature people. Being a counselor is a full-time job with adequate time off, and it is a very fulfilling position to those who love children and will place their interests ahead of self in every instance.

Working with children is a serious task. Most parents send their girls to camp because they know the strong influence of a quality camp will enhance their daughter’s life with positive and long-lasting benefits. Riverview accepts their trust in us with deep concern and responsibility. As Camp Directors, we cannot accept the responsibility alone. We employ the best young women we can find to share this responsibility with us. We have an administrative team that has “worked together” for years who will be working with, guiding, advising and encouraging you throughout your employment here. Camp counseling will be a wonderful experience for ambitious people, especially if you receive satisfaction from doing a job well. Our intention is to make possible a happy summer for everyone - both campers and counselors.

At Riverview, we also feel a keen sense of responsibility for our campers’ spiritual well-being. While we are a non-denominational camp, we endeavor to provide a Christian atmosphere by hiring enthusiastic, college age counselors. We believe that “life-style evangelism” through our staff members is Riverview’s most effective means of communicating Christian principles. Our focus is having fun in a “chemical free” environment. The use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, profanity or any type of behavior that is not “child appropriate” is prohibited. We support traditional Christian moral values and hope to provide leadership that supports the same. Since we are a drug-free and non-smoking work environment with a zero-tolerance, it is important that these considerations are compatible with your lifestyle.

The camp staff must set the best example possible. Youth are impressionable; therefore, the camp environment must be a wholesome one. A girl in camp is under the influence of the camp and its staff 24 hours a day, amidst surroundings and under conditions which make her particularly susceptible to character influences. This is a great challenge. Are you willing to accept your share of responsibility?

In camp work, job detail and devotion to duty are highly important! One must have s sincere desire to follow instructions, as well as give of her talents and ingenuity--all in good spirit and harmony with the camp administration. It would be impossible to offer you a complete “job description.” A camp counselor gives all of her time to the success of the camp program except during her time off. Counselors are provided 2 nights out of camp each week, and a day and a half off between each session. The nights off begin at 6:00 pm and ends at 12:00 midnight. Each counselor must understand that she will be performing a responsible assignment with the welfare and care of campers (safety) her foremost interest and time off a subordinate consideration. We want you to feel needed in our organization. We require you to be present and useful at all times except for your scheduled time off.

Two college-age Senior Counselor will live with 12-16 campers if assigned to live in lower camp. Pre-college age Junior Counselors (JC’s) will also be assigned to help with cabin responsibility and may even be assigned to live in some cabins. Larger cabins in upper camp accommodate 20-28 campers with additional counselors in each cabin (3, 4, or 5 depending on the number of campers). Your responsibility for these campers is regarded as second to none! (Your parents would not want it any other way if you were camp age!) A good cabin counselor is tremendously popular and influential with her campers. You will become a “Mother, “Sister,” and a Friend to your campers. Your influence is tremendous, prepare yourself! It is our goal that both counselor and camper leave Riverview at the end of the summer with the feeling that it was the “best summer of my life.”

Camp counseling is fun yet serious. Honestly, it will be the “hardest thing you’ve ever done” up to this point in your life. But, please know that it is fun, fun, fun, also. It is an inspirational and educational experience. If you think you might be further interested in summer employment at Riverview, please complete the attached Staff Application and return it to us. The application is thought provoking and we pride ourselves in hiring a staff that believes in “going the second mile” when it comes to taking care of children and when it comes to life!

If you are committed to being a positive role model in the lives of children through adventure, inspiration, character and confidence building, then, truly, the road to Riverview leads to a job you will be calling “my favorite.”