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10 Year Blanket – It’s all a big deal…a real big deal!

10 Year Blanket – It’s all a big deal…a real big deal!

“There are moments in life that define you and they should be celebrated!”

welcomeback1The 10-year blanket is Riverview’s way of honoring the heritage that has defined her impact on the Riverview Community!  Friends return and parents attend if they wish…as we make a presentation at the final banquet of the 10th year!  A “Personal Poem of  her Camp History” is presented with funny awesome memories that are shared with the entire camp in her honor!  There are some camp families with 3 generations of 10 year blanket recipients, a legacy of love… just as camp is a labor of love! Over 225 toasts have been presented in the last 15 years…that is over 2,250 camping years! And some of the toasts were celebrating 20/25+ years of  “coming back to give back” which would increase the years! What draws a person back to the same special place for years and years? The commitment of all of the staff to celebrate the “kindness and goodness that is in each child” which is evident in the relationships and camp energy that flows through each passing year!  We pray every day for God’s peace to be felt on this campus…and He answers us through the lives of young girls and young women impacting each other!

Thank you God for Riverview!

Thank you for those who come back to give back!

Riverview 10-year blanket

‘Twas The Night Before Riverview

‘Twas The Night Before Riverview

‘Twas The Night Before Riverview

'Twas the night before Riverview and all through the land, The day many had waited for months was at hand. Their bags were all packed to send off to camp, The envelopes and stationary pre-addressed and stamped. Of their new campers the counselors wondered, How awesome it would be to meet them , they pondered. The cabins were ready, the beds all assigned. Welcome signs for the morning had carefully been aligned. The Directors and Office Staff had worked hard and prepared. For all the wonderful campers who soon would be there. The campers, so excited, they slept hardly a wink, That they would soon be at Riverview was all they could think. As their parents sat together working through all their lists, Careful to make sure there was nothing that they'd missed. Sing-alongs, special activities, and the opening night show, The countdown was almost over, it was almost time to go. In the morning, there would be lots of cheerful well wishes, Before the campers were off and gave their family goodbye kisses. The parents would wave as their campers walked out of sight, And they would say to each other, "Don't worry, we'll be alright." Summer camp at Riverview would soon come alive , As all of our campers would certainly begin to arrive. Some hugs, laughter, and definitely a cheer, Summertime fun would finally be here. And as the first day of camp turns into the first night, A happy summer to all, one that's sure to delight! Merry Christmas from all of us here at Riverview!!!!!

Now more than ever

Girls need summer camp!

Every day at Riverview girls enjoy days filled with numerous activities and sports with special events every evening…ending each day with singing around the campfire…won’t you join in?

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