Returning Campers

If you are a returning camper, please log into the parent account and UPDATE your information.

New to Riverview?

If you are a new camper, WELCOME please complete the application.

By the way, RIVERVIEW’S PAYMENT SCHEDULE has options, after the $600 Application Fee that is due with application to be deducted from balance of fees.

You may choose our regular payment schedule:

  • $850 Payment is due November 1
  • $850 Payment is due February 1
  • Balance will due in May and will include any discounts that apply

OR Balance of fees, after $600 registration fee is deducted from balance, will be divided into equal monthly payments beginning the month after registration with all fees paid by May 1.

Of course when completing your application, you may pay only the registration fee or the entire balance.

More information on payments

What happens next?

You will receive an email confirmation once we have processed your application registration fee. Your daughter will receive a welcome packet by mail from camp as well. After that, you will receive emails and updates from camp and we post a lot of information on Riverview Camp for Girls Facebook Page. If you have a Facebook account, please “like” us to get these updates.

Availability and Waiting Lists

Most of our campers sign up for the next summer by “pre-registering” before they leave camp each summer. Since some camp sessions usually fill early, it is a good idea to get your application in as soon as possible. If the session you choose is not available, we will let you know by email and discuss the options with you. Often girls will enroll in a session that will work for their schedule while remaining on a waiting list for another preferred session. As families make changes in their plans, we will almost always have spaces to open up so that our camper families get into the session that they desire.

Session Length

Riverview offers four 2-week sessions with 2,4,6 or 8 week options for ages 6 to 16. In addition to 2-week sessions, we also offer 1-week sessions. Both one and two-week sessions can be combined to fit any schedule with a variety of combinations of weeks… From a one week stay to a nine week summer of fun! Girls make friends within moments of arriving in camp and the feeling of “my camp” happens quickly. Seeing personal growth and development takes time, especially in activity areas… And camp has so much to offer that we recommend at least two weeks of camp for our first year campers. And while most campers are ready for two weeks, we understand that some parents want to try the short-term session first in order to build “stay-away-from-home confidence.” Actually, some of our short-term parents will allow their girls to choose to stay an additional week (if we have space available) once they participate in the first week of camp and adjust to camp. Also, some long-term campers will also add on another week or session depending on our space openings. Once you click on the sessions you desire, all of the calculations and payment options are there for you!