The Tribes: Shawnees, Pawnees and Chippewas

"As we gather around the first campfire with our “Tribes” that we have just chosen to be a part of we feel the bonds of friendships grow stronger”.

Tribes: Riverview Shawnee
Tribes: Riverview Pawnee
Tribes: Riverview Chippewa


The moment you arrive in camp you become a Shawnee , Pawnee or Chippewa and you are a part of this tribe in your heart “forever”! Part of our check-in process is to “go get my tribe outfit”!!! If your mom, grandmom, sister or cousin was in the “Red, Green, or Blue” tribe you automatically get the option to be a part of this legacy.
Being involved in a tribe is what completes the camp experience…I love being a part of my tribe so much. I’ve made friends from all age groups because of my tribe!

Tribes: Riverview
Tribes: Riverview
Tribes: Riverview
Tribe songs and cheers are “historical” here so it is ok to learn these from a relative that attended years ago…we are still singing and cheering these songs!   Friendly competition abounds throughout the session as campers compete in high-energy and fun events. At the end of the session, the tribe competition comes to an end only after the three Tribe Trophies are awarded at the banquet where there are always happy tears and cheers of joy!
Tribes: Riverview
As a Shawnee, Pawnee or Chippewa tribe member, you will enjoy the traditions of tribe competition through tennis tournaments, swim meets, sporting events, and many other activities. You will be cheering for your tribe members through your tribe songs and cheers, led by your own tribe leaders.
Tribe participation naturally develops leadership, cooperation and friendship among girls of different age groups. Often our campers are in the same tribe as their moms, cousins or sisters…and often family members choose to be in different tribes just for fun and to express their own individuality…and either way, the experience is amazing, exciting and meaningful. We are all friends here and our “spirit of good sportsmanship” always excels whether your tribe wins or not!  A symbolic campfire to “end” the competition is a part of our River Reflections along the riverbank after the banquet.  Mrs. Susan gives you a parting message of inspiration …only after a “cabin wish” is presented by each cabin. The other events of the evening are also traditions here that are “meaningful forever-memories” that are identical to the “way it was when I was a camper here” no matter what year you camped on this campus!

The Buffalo Rattle

Tribes: Riverview Buffalo Rattle
Tribes: Riverview Buffalo Rattle
The buffalo rattle can be hidden anywhere in camp and we look for it constantly as we walk from activity to activity! Finding the Buffalo Rattle is the most exciting thing that can happen for my tribe! Everything in camp stops…we run to the bell and ring it over and over again! It’s the only time that we are allowed to ‘stop’ camp to celebrate!

Tribes: Riverview Buffalo Rattle

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