Joy of Camp Traditions

Camp Traditions

Year after year campers pass down the essence of camp…and it is the traditions that that makes the Riverview Community one of strength that generates a loyalty to Riverview that is meaningful and memorable. The very foundation of camp is fun…and it is these fun traditions of summer camp that makes the memories that moms desire to pass to their daughters and campers desire to pass on to their friends! The most common answer to “How did you find out about camp?” is “A friend told me about it!” or “My mom (or cousin or sister) went here.” And we feel it is the Riverview Camp traditions that make camp worthy to pass along the message of “I’m going to Riverview, please come too!”  

Our Traditions

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Now more than ever

Girls need summer camp!

Every day at Riverview girls enjoy days filled with numerous activities and sports with special events every evening…ending each day with singing around the campfire…won’t you join in?

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