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You’ll be amazed at all you can do as you Enjoy Extraordinary Experiences Everyday! We are just off DeSoto Parkway on top of Lookout Mountain in Mentone , Alabama , and we’re located on beautiful Little River, as well. “This is what I’ve imagined a camp should be like,” parents tell us and you will agree! The minute you arrive into camp you are caught up in the excitement of all camp has to offer...and you soon understand why so many girls call Riverview “my camp” long after they have aged out of camp! Camp Riverview ’s location is only 45 minutes South of Chattanooga, TN…also 2 hours from Knoxville , Nashville , Birmingham , and Atlanta !

Recognized as one of the South’s favorite all-around summer camps for girls, Riverview’s Christian emphasis and exciting programs are appreciated by both parents and campers! Riverview offers both one-and two-week camp sessions for girls ages 6 to 16. Dr. Larry and Susan Hooks are the Directors and Owners and have been Camp Directors since 1983.

Riverview offers an incredible combination of unique, exhilarating activities in an oasis of peaceful nature. “Peaceful”… is the word used most often to describe the Riverview Campus! "Exciting" is the word used to describe our camp activity choices which include Riding (both English and Western), swimming (heated pool), tennis, ropes course, climbing tower, canoeing, golf, archery, gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, flag-twirling, sports, outdoor-living skills class and more. You will enjoy evening programs, Counselor-In-Training Program opportunities and most of all lifelong friendships!

“My best friends in life are the friends I have from Camp Riverview .” 

Elizabeth 18 year camper/staff

Our Camp

Hickory Hollow, The Lodges, Dining Hall, Waterfront, Pool and more!

Mother-Daughter Weekends in the spring is a great opportunity to introduce both moms and daughters to our campus! Mother-Daughter weekend can be a time for campers to show to their moms/aunts/grandmoms/guardians the campus that is their “home away from home.”

“Mother-Daughter Weekend was not only the best thing I do with my daughter, it is my own gift to me…the gift of time apart in this beautiful place with my daughter…these are precious memories that I will always treasure!”

Susan from Nashville

Our Natural Environment

We are surrounded by privately owned beautiful woodlands with amazing trails throughout.

As a Christian camp for girls, Counselors and staff will begin our day with an enthusiastic “good morning and welcome to the day” talk to our campers in a beautiful wooded setting that we call Morning Watch. Vesper campfires are a nightly tradition on our campus that includes a time of singing together and talks to inspire all. Sundays provide the opportunity for worship services for all in our open-air gymnasium…but only after we have served you home-made doughnuts at a pajama breakfast! We also provide transportation to Mass in nearby Fort Payne , AL for staff and campers on Sundays that are not opening days.

“I appreciate so much the thoughtfulness and intentional planning that goes into each day, each moment and each child at Camp Riverview .”

Robin from Birmingham

Our Leadership

Parents, Thoughtful, Giving, Loving

A Parent Note

Susan, I just want to drop you a quick line to tell you about our little miracle last Friday.  As you may have heard, Covington had some bad flooding last week from a strong line of thunderstorms north of us that overwhelmed our river banks.  Our home was flooded by 2 1/2 inches of water.  Our neighborhood had never gotten flooded before, so none of us thought that this would happen.  Late in the evening on Friday, I had a gut feeling watching that water rise in the ditch and cross the road, that we were in trouble.  We had 2 hours to pick up as much as we could from downstairs and put it upstairs.  When we were almost done, my husband went into the garage to check if water had gotten in yet and it had not.  Out of the corner of his eye he spotted Emma's camp trunk and duffle bag.  He jumped over bicycles and boxes to get to them.  He threw the duffle on top of my car and did some sort of superman move to lift the full (and heavy) trunk and get it over everything in it's path.  He raced upstairs with the trunk.  Then he went right back into the garage to check if he missed anything else and the water was already halfway filling our garage and onto the space where the trunk was sitting moments before.  I know in my heart that Riverview is a place that God holds in his hand of protection and that little miracle was proof enough for me.  That trunk is the tangible memory holder of all of her experiences at Riverview and the good Lord made sure that it was safe.   I haven't cried over anything that we lost from water damage in the garage, it can all be replaced.  But if that trunk had gotten ruined, we would have all been devastated.  Sentimental value is priceless.  Our house looks like swiss cheese right now and reconstruction begins on Monday.  We have ample flood insurance so all will be restored.  God has bestowed many blessings throughout this disaster and we are very fortunate.  I hope we can visit with ya'll at some point during your visits to our area.


Jessica St. Pierre

A Parent Note

Please enjoy this email that a camper family sent to us who moved to another country … she is not able to return to camp for now…The good news is that she spent 7 great years here…she was 6 years old her first year here: ”Susan and Larry- I trust this finds you busy at work getting ready for a new staff and campers to start the summer off! I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much we miss you guys and camp. As Emma wraps up a great school year here she and I also are sad that she will miss camp for the first time. She and I are confident that we are where the Lord has placed us, but it is hard when we see and know what we miss at camp. I don't want this to be a sad note either because I truly, deeply believe that much of Emma's confidence and love for people has grown through her summers at camp. Susan, you would be so proud of Emma and the young lady she is becoming - and I see her "Riverviewness" everyday. She has come into a new school, in a new country and made deep friendships and had an awesome time. This is a reflection first of the Lord preparing her for this but also a reflection of how He used camp to mold her (well, and me, too :-)) Emma and I are going out for a girls night in a few days and I think we are going to have a we miss camp cry, but then we are going to laugh and enjoy all the wonderful memories. I just wanted to say we love and miss you and thank you for all the memories. We will do it again one day!”

Our Counselors

Integrity, Caring, Loving

A Parent Note

I also spoke to a mom from Texas recently who told me that her 8 year old daughter won the nationals in her dance competition the prior weekend in her age division and when all her friends asked “how was she able to perform with such confidence…alone on the stage for her first national competition?” Her answer was “Because of Camp Riverview…if she can spend 2 weeks away from me, she can for sure dance on stage for 2.5 minutes!” (This summer will be her 3rd summer here! Yes she started camping at age 5!)

Accreditation & Certifications

Not just a member but CERTIFIED!


You know you’ve made the right decision… …When you hear your daughter say…”I’m going to Riverview!” We celebrate her choice too!

10 Year Blanket

It’s all a big deal…a real big deal!


“There are moments in life that define you and they should be celebrated!”

The 10-year blanket is Riverview’s way of honoring the heritage that has defined her impact on the Riverview Community!  Friends return and parents attend if they wish…as we make a presentation at the final banquet of the 10th year!  A “Personal Poem of  her Camp History” is presented with funny awesome memories that are shared with the entire camp in her honor!
Riverview 10 year blankets

There are some camp families with 3 generations of 10 year blanket recipients, a legacy of love… just as camp is a labor of love!

Over 225 toasts have been presented in the last 15 years…that is over 2,250 camping years! And some of the toasts were celebrating 20/25+ years of  “coming back to give back” which would increase the years! What draw’s a person back to the same special place for years and years? The commitment of all of the staff to celebrate the “kindness and goodness that is in each child” which is evident in the relationships and camp energy that flows through each passing year!  We pray every day for God’s peace to be felt on this campus…and He answers us through the lives of young girls and young women impacting each other!  

Thank you God for Riverview!

Thank you for those who come back to give back!

Riverview 10 year blanket

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