What has Riverview done for you? – Abby Hayes

by Mar 8, 2016Raising Girls to be Leaders: This is Our Camp

Abby Hayes is a freshman at Louisiana State University majoring in Pre-Veterinary Sciences. She is originally from Baton Rouge, LA. At LSU, Abby is a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, Pre-Vet Club, and Pan-Hellenic Council. Abby has been coming to Riverview for 11 years, and as a member of our staff she has taught tennis, voice and music, Riverview Refinement, and is a lifeguard.

When asked “What does Riverview done for you?” Abby responded:

“Riverview has given me opportunities for growth and leadership and a support system that has carried me into college. I’ve gone to Riverview since I was seven years old and it has shaped me into who I am. I’ve made friends from all over the country that I keep in touch with weekly. We share what is going on in our lives and we constantly comfort each other in the struggles that we face. Knowing that I have good friends that truly care about me is so comforting and without Riverview I would not have made these connections. Additionally, Riverview has provided me with a home away from home. For 11 years, Riverview has been a refuge for me to get away from life’s daily stresses. It gives me a place where I can comfortably grow in my faith in Christ. It has not only shaped who I am now, but also who I plan to be for the rest of my life. Through the years, Mrs. Susan and Mrs. Donna have become like second mothers to me. During camp, they are always there to help and have truly invested so much in me. It inspires me to see people like Mrs. Susan and Mrs. Donna because it makes me want to be like them. The amazing impact that Riverview has left on me encourages me to try to leave the same impact on people that I meet outside of camp. I always try to replicate the unconditional love I have received from Mrs. Susan and Mrs. Donna. I am very thankful for what Riverview has done for me. In my daily life, I often times find myself wishing I could be at camp. The love and joy I feel while I am at Riverview constantly draws me back. Nothing else in my life has shaped me more into who I am now than the role models and friends I have gained from Riverview and it is something I will cherish forever.”